Social Media can offer small business owners a fantastic opportunity to connect and interact with potential and current customers in a cost effective and time efficient way. Our new marketing planner Tanya Duncan shares her 3 top tips for small businesses starting out with social media.

1. Choose the right platform. Be clear about what you want to get out of your social media. Businesses can use social media for developing their branding, making sales, communicating with their customers, building a database, creating a profile as an industry expert or finding potential new customers. Once this is clear you will need to choose the social media platforms that will allow you to meet your business goals while also being an online space where your customers can be found.

2. Quality over quantity. This applies to the number of different social media platforms you choose to have a business profile on, but it is also about the content that you choose to share. Social media is an exceptional, cost effective way of developing your brands ‘voice’. Do this by using both words and images that accurately match your business. Focus on sharing highly engaging, quality content rather than churning out large volumes of mediocre content.

3. Boost the reach of your social media with ads. Boosting the reach of your social media posts through paid advertising can be a really cost effective way of exposing your business to vast numbers of potential new customers. It also ensures that more of your current customers or followers see and have the opportunity to engage with the content that you are creating. You can target your post boosts and ads both geographically and according to a user’s interest.