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Thousands of small and medium businesses create business plans every year, to help them start and grow. Sometimes a small business needs a business plan to map out their direction, prepare for the future and gear up for growth and success. Other times, they have been asked for a business plan for a bank loan, for an investor, finance application, migration, licence, grant or other application.

Many businesses write their own business plans. We see some of these plans and whilst they usually contain some good content, they lack perspective and professionalism. In fact, it’s rare to see such a plan that is up to standard. For applications - professionalism and format count.

At The Business Plan Company, business planning is not 'just another service' that is added on to accounting, advisory or consulting, it's what we do. Our team are all business owners themselves, so they know what it’s like to live small business - day in, day out.

The Business Plan Company is about value. We don't over-charge like many corporate firms. Nor do we create cookie-cutter plans that are cut and pasted, cheap and meaningless. Whilst we produce a great looking document at the end, we know that the process of creating the business plan is equally important. It’s a great opportunity to learn, review, grow and set your future direction.

At The Business Plan Company, we strike the right balance of insight, efficiency, expertise and understanding. Our prices allow us to offer the best expertise, to create plans that fit your purpose without breaking the bank. With over 17 years’ experience in business planning, franchise development, tenders and business advice, we know what our clients want, know what works and maintain the highest attention to detail.

With a team of professional writers Australia-wide we have expertise in all fields and industries; we have written business plans for small start-ups right up to national tenders. Feel free to give us a call to talk about your needs. We look forward to speaking with you.

Dr. Warren Harmer
Chief Business Planner

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