We work with small businesses across all industries.

The Business Plan Company creates small business plans that explore all aspects of your business. Whether you are a new business, a growing business or your business needs direction, we take the business apart and put it back together again. We research and explore, analyse financials, the market and your team.

We create small business plans for a variety of situations including reviews, crises, expansions, growth and restructures. If you aren’t sure how to improve your business, a small business plan can identify priorities and set your direction. We work in partnership with you to better understand and manage your business. As experts in small business, we offer insightful, useful advice that empowers you to achieve your business goals.

How it works:

  • Takes 1-4 weeks.
  • Includes discussion, analysis, feedback and guidance by experienced small business experts.
  • Includes research into your market, industry trends, competition.
  • We create projections, targets and start-up costs.
  • Includes an overview of your marketing.
  • We ask lots of questions to create an accurate plan that works for you.
  • We write the small business plan, so you don’t need to.

We create business plans for all types of small businesses, including:

  • Farm business plans
  • Bakery business plans
  • Hotel business plans
  • Retail business plans
  • Car wash business plans
  • Catering business plans
  • Franchise business plans
  • Salon business plans

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