Terrified of tenders? Pained by proposals? Give it to the experts.

Give your small business the best chance of winning that new contract or tender and make the process easy. The Business Plan Company prepare hundreds of plans, proposals, RFP and tenders every year. Working by your side, we take the time to understand the specifications for your submission. Our team of small business experts have worked in every industry, owned businesses in international markets and know how to win business. We understand small business, so charge a fair price that won’t break the bank.

How it works:

  • We work to your deadline (the more time the better!)
  • Initially analyse the RFP / Tender or Proposal requirements and create a project plan with timeline.
  • We work with you to collect information and revise the content to be as sharp and relevant as possible.
  • A detailed response is created to answer all questions and requirements, following the specified RFP / tender guidelines.
  • Additional documents such as company profiles are also created along the way (if needed).
  • Final review before submission.

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