Give your grant application the best chance of success.

Small Business / Government Grants Australia

Grants for small business, can be a great boost to your small business and push forward your growth, from Federal Government, State Government, Local Councils or any other Australian small business grants and assistance programs.

But business grants are hard to get and can be very competitive.

We can help. Give your grant submission the best chance with some professional help from The Business Plan Company. Don’t just fumble through and wonder why it was unsuccessful, it could just be your presentation, wording, budget or just presenting a weak case.

The Business Plan Company prepare hundreds of plans and grant applications every year, winning many thousands of dollars for our clients (more than $500K) from NDIS, Government and other initiatives.

Our team are small business experts and know how to extract the right information and put it together. Plus we understand small business, so charge a fair price that won’t break the bank.

How it works:

  • The Business Plan Company analyse the grant guidelines to see what we need to do.
  • We will give you a price once we know the scope and the work involved.
  • We work to the deadline. Rushed jobs reduce your chances, so plan ahead!
  • We work with you to collect information and revise the content to be as sharp and relevant as possible.
  • A detailed response is created to answer all questions and requirements, following the grant guidelines.
  • Additional documents such as company profiles are also created along the way (if needed).
  • Final review before submission.

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