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Small Business Accounting: 6 Common Accounting Myths Debunked

Small business accounting can be challenging. There are many misconceptions floating around which makes it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction to understand what you really need as a business owner. In this blog, we’ll dispel some of the myths about small business accounting and arm you with the information you need to find a great accountant. Read more  


Great Business Plans are Not a Rush Job

An effective business plan not only provides a road map for your business, but represents your business to banks, investors, authorities and your team. If it’s going to be worth anything, it’s not something to be slapped together overnight or generated though AI. Business plans take time, thought and work. Before you even start writing, make sure you have time to do your business plan properly. Read more  


10 essential accounting tips for new business owners

Get some great practical advice from our friends at, on how to get the best from accounting for your new business. Like many other aspects of doing business, accounting can seem daunting, so we created this guide with 10 key accounting tips for new business owners so you can start out right and set yourself up for success. Read more  


Small Businesses and Grants: What You Need to Know

Business grants sound like a pot of gold for small business, an easy way to access free money, to start and grow your business. The reality is quite different: mostly small business grants are very few, hard to win, very competitive and have a lot of strings attached. Read about how they work, whether they are worth it and how to increase your chances of winning. Read more  


The Top Reasons (Excuses) for Not Doing Business Planning

Small Businesses (pretty much) don’t use business planning. That’s my conclusion after 25 years as a small business consultant. If business planning is not too expensive, with clearly, demonstrable benefits, why don’t small businesses use it more? Here are the top reasons (excuses) that I have heard. Read more  


How to find a good business plan writer.

Hiring a professional business plan writer can be a smart investment, but finding the right one is crucial, not only from a cost perspective, but someone who understands the landscape and how to get the outcome you need. Having written thousands of business plans, the team at The Business Plan Company know what to look out for and what each company needs, to engage a business plan writer who can turn your vision into a powerful and actionable plan. Read more  


Top Tips for writing Business Sponsorship Business Plans.

Becoming a Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) or Overseas Business Sponsor (OBS), but getting through these require commitment, with significant costs, lots of work, navigating the migration system and being very well prepared. Get our top tips on how to write a compelling business plan with impact that really highlights your case. Read more  


The Top 7 business planning blunders to avoid.

Most small and medium businesses don’t do any form of business planning. Where utilised, business plans can transform a small business from a trial-and-error business management style, to one of clarity and certainty. Here are the most common business plan blunders, and the easy solutions to overcoming them. Read more  


Small Business Bank Loans: Top 10 Tips for Killer Business Plans.

Securing funding for a small business or start up business can be tricky, requiring lots of details and pitching a solid case for how your business will generate revenue (and repay the loan). Writing a business plan for a bank loan is a crucial step; a well-prepared business plan not only helps you articulate your business idea but also demonstrates to the bank that you have a solid strategy for success. With many years’ behind us at The Business Plan Company and thousands of plans under our belt, here are our top 10 tips for making an impact. Read more  

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