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Marketing: why you need to play both short and long games.

For many small businesses, each week is a battle to win new business and the owners and managers throw everything they have at their sales and marketing. In an … Read more  


Preparing for storms: managing the great unknowns of business.

As I work through hundreds of business plans each year for new and startup businesses, I am constantly reminded of one certain fact: in business, you don’… Read more  


Is your network 'favour ready'?

Written by: Kim McGuinness, Director, Life doesn't always go according to plan. Sometimes we get to a point where we have to call in a favour… Read more  


Queuing up, all the way to the bank.

Travelling in China last year - and determined to taste all new foods possible - there were many occasions that we queued at popular food and drink stores, some… Read more  


Are you looking after your most valuable asset?

Written by: Kim McGuinness, Director, Our brains are fascinating to say the least. Not only are there over 100 billion neurons actively analysing… Read more  


Business gurus care about themselves (not you)

With the constant bombardment of content across business and social media, one would imagine that there is enough expert information out there for all small bus… Read more  


7 Tips to Safeguard Your Business

Written by: David Bay, The Business Plan Company It is useful to step away from your business and examine every opportunity for improvement. Safeguarding you… Read more  


“It’s in your contract!” Business relationships gone sour can cost

Over the last few weeks we have been moving office at The Business Plan Company. Only a small move, but through mishandling, the experience with our previous of… Read more  


It’s time to get your head in the cloud

Written by: Darren Sproats, The Lad In the past, most small businesses relied on PCs in the office to run their business. If the manager was on the ball, the… Read more  


Aesop gives us a lesson in brand experience

The daily news cycle loves to report doom and gloom for the retail sector. Case in point this week is Roger David, closing after 76 years, from a store count th… Read more  

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