Accurate, realistic plans with local knowledge.


Working with hundreds of migration agents across Australia and Asia, The Business Plan Company has a lot of experience with migration business plans. We get constant feedback from our clients, government and agents, so our plans are realistic, viable, detailed and accurate.

The Business Plan Company keeps up to date with State Government policies, to ensure that plans meet requirements. Our proactive approach to staying updated on policy changes across all Australian states means we can offer migration business plans in Australia that are compliant with the latest legal policies. 

This diligence in tracking and adapting to legislative changes is key to our strong track record of success, making us a trusted partner in your business migration journey.

We work with all types of business visas, including:

  • Migration business plan for Visa 187
  • Migration business plan for Visa 186
  • Migration business plan for Visa 188
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) for Visa 188
  • Migration business plan for Visa 482
  • Migration business plan for Visa 489
  • Migration business plan for Visa 491
  • Migration business plan for Visa E2
  • Training plan for Visa 407
  • Business plan for Migration Visa 482 / Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) / Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) 


How it works:

The process for creating migration business plans with The Business Plan Company is streamlined and efficient, designed to provide you with a comprehensive, ready-to-submit document within 1-2 weeks. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it works:

  1. Preliminary discussions about business type, suitability, and workshop ideas, at no extra charge, form the initial step. This is where we explore your business idea, discuss its viability and brainstorm potential strategies. 
  2. Following the preliminary discussions, we move on to the total preparation of the plan, ready to submit. Our team takes over the heavy lifting, requiring minimal effort from the agent. 
  3. Our approach is backed by up-to-date knowledge of requirements for each state, ensuring that your business plan aligns with current regulations and expectations. 
  4. The process includes research into your market, industry trends and competition, which forms the backbone of your business plan. This research provides insights into the market environment your business will operate in, helping to identify opportunities for differentiation and competitive advantage.
  5. We then proceed to create projections, targets and start-up costs. This involves a detailed financial analysis, projecting your business's revenue, expenses and profitability over time. 
  6. Finally, we ensure that the completed plan is thorough, realistic and not something that just ticks-the-box. Our goal is to produce a document that meets the technical requirements of your visa application and provides a viable roadmap for your business's success in Australia.


Understanding the local market

A key advantage of working with The Business Plan Company is our team's deep understanding of the Australian market. Whether you're looking to start a new venture in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or any other city, our team has the insights and experience to guide you.

All migration business plans are prepared in Australia, with a team spread across all capital cities, so you can be assured of intimate knowledge of the local market. We fully prepare migration business plans for your business ready for submission, including all revisions.


Industry-specific insights

Our experience spans a wide range of industries, from technology and healthcare to education and hospitality. This diversity allows us to provide bespoke migration business plans that reflect the unique challenges and opportunities within your specific industry. Our plans include detailed market analysis, competitor evaluations and customised marketing strategies that align with current industry trends.

Not sure what kind of business? Whether the business makes sense? No problem, we are happy to work with you to develop your clients’ proposal. The Business Plan Company works with you during the plan development and tailors the content to suit your specific requirements. Because we work with all types of business plans (not just migration), we get a lot of insight into the local economy.


Tailored to your visa requirements

Choosing the right migration business plans in Australia depends on your specific visa application needs and business goals in Australia:

  • Visa 187 and Visa 186 require plans focused on employer sponsorship and regional employment.
  • Visa 188 and its Expression of Interest (EOI) cater to entrepreneurs and investors looking to start or invest in Australian businesses.
  • Visa 482 and Visa 482 / TSS / SBS are designed for businesses needing to address temporary skill shortages by sponsoring overseas workers.
  • Visa 489 and Visa 491 target skilled workers and graduates aiming to live and work in regional areas.
  • Visa E2 is specific to certain treaties and requires a detailed business investment plan.
  • Training Plan for Visa 407 is necessary for occupational training and professional development sponsorships.


Determining the best fit for you involves understanding your visa requirements and how your business aligns with Australia's economic and regional development goals, and we’re here to help.


Explore our range of migration business plans in Australia

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