I have a very new business idea. Can you help with that?

One of our specialities is working with new businesses. We work with clients who have nothing more than just the “big idea.” We will work with you to take your concept through the process to see if it adds up, what you need to do and to create a picture of how it will look, so you can communicate clearly about your business, get investors, finance, partners and other participants.

What is your experience writing for finance, banks and loans?

We do a lot of business plans for finance and bank loans and get regular feedback to fine tune our plans. Businesses vary from restaurants start-ups to petrol stations and everything in between.

Why should I employ a company to write a business plan? I can probably do it myself.

We have clients send their business plans for review, but we have yet to see one that is more than 50% finished. As we do business plans every day, do market research, see lots of businesses and know how to word and structure plans, a DIY plan can’t compare. Since clients are in the business, there’s also a lack of external perspective.

I can get a cheaper business plan. What’s the difference with The Business Plan Company?

There are cheaper business plans available, but it depends how much writing you want to do and how accurate you want it to be. We talk to you throughout the process and spend time to create a plan that is accurate and has meaning. We don’t just want to tick a box. All of our team are Australian-based and have a deep understanding of small business, so you get that expertise along the way. For us, it’s not just about spitting out a template document.

How long does it take to write a business plan?

Each project is different. It depends if you have a deadline, the type of business and – most importantly – how quick you are at replying to questions. Average timeframes are 1-3 weeks, but we work to your needs. Having a little more time gives us time to work out all the detail and make it accurate. The most common factor that makes projects go more slowly are clients that take time to give us information.

What is your experience writing for migration?

We complete many business plans for migration submissions, and work with more than 100 migration agents across Australia, India, China, Middle East and SE Asia. One thing our migration agent clients like is our availability to discuss clients and business types before we create the plan.

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