How to fund your business start up

By: Shaun McGowan, Lend Getting a new business off the ground takes a lot of planning, hard work – and money. Unless you have savings you can use as se… Read more  


Crazy clients don't have to drive you crazy

In the rough and tumble of business, we all deal with people that push our buttons, grind our gears and go too far. To our colleagues we might call them crazy, … Read more  


All business owners should be doing PR

By: Jules Brooke, Handle Your Own PR Whether you do it yourself, or you employ an agency, all small business owners should be doing PR as part of their marke… Read more  


'Hello' - a small investment with rich rewards

A few weeks ago, I caught a cab home from the airport, after a long day of business and travel. I was in no mood to talk, tired, felt like shutting down and jus… Read more  


No more Mr Nice Guy!

In my utopian view of the world, I like to think that all people are nice, honest, friendly and helpful. I like to see the best in people and trust that they wi… Read more  


A business for the customer, by the customer

By: Tim Slater, Fat Lama In 2013, a year before Deliveroo was launched, founder Will Shu was working as a deliveryman. Driving around central London on scoot… Read more  


Your business will fail without me!

Business plan or business failure. Are these really the only two, mutually exclusive outcomes? So many coaches and consultants use this tactic to scare the b… Read more  


The genius of Tokyo Banana

Anyone with a business wants their business to have rock star appeal. You know those businesses where customers queue for hours around the corner to buy their p… Read more  


Being a jerk should not be profitable, but (for now) it still is.

Every day we hear more allegations of sexual assault, harassment and bullying against high-profile business and entertainment figures. With every new instalment… Read more  


Keep your focus on business future: Don’t look down!

Seeing the world from very high places is both inspiring and alluring, it frees the mind and allows us to appreciate expansiveness and beauty. As humans, we hav… Read more  

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