Your business will fail without me!

Business plan or business failure. Are these really the only two, mutually exclusive outcomes? So many coaches and consultants use this tactic to scare the b… Read more  


The genius of Tokyo Banana

Anyone with a business wants their business to have rock star appeal. You know those businesses where customers queue for hours around the corner to buy their p… Read more  


Being a jerk should not be profitable, but (for now) it still is.

Every day we hear more allegations of sexual assault, harassment and bullying against high-profile business and entertainment figures. With every new instalment… Read more  


Keep your focus on business future: Don’t look down!

Seeing the world from very high places is both inspiring and alluring, it frees the mind and allows us to appreciate expansiveness and beauty. As humans, we hav… Read more  


Business Planning: What’s the point? How a plumbing business found the path to growth.

Richard’s Plumbing is based in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs, with a long history of more than 20 years and client base that includes builders, mainte… Read more  


Suppliers: what to do when they don’t hold up their end of the deal

As a business owner, the relationship you have with your suppliers is vital to client satisfaction and ultimately, the success of your business. If you promise … Read more  


Partnerships: How To Avoid A Nasty Breakup

In the early stages of starting a business, you and your business partner work tirelessly to set-up the business to hit the ground running – brainstorming… Read more  


Buying a business - explained by a lawyer

Buying a business involves a number of important legal, financial and commercial considerations. If you are looking to buy a business, this article sets out thr… Read more  


Missions, Visions and Values: corporate flatulence or business doctrine?

Time for a quiz. To what organisations can we attribute the following statements, components of the published statements about themselves: “Integrity. … Read more  


Rowing your boat vs. Steering your ship. Which are you doing?

“I don’t want to grow too big” are words I very often hear from business owners, when we start a business planning project. My understanding o… Read more  

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